Culture urban+contemporary Gallery aims to introduce a local art public to recent international artists, interspersed, occasionally with local artists, working in an urban and contemporary idiom. These include Young British Artists (YBA’s) such as Jake & Dinos Chapman and Tracey Emin, as well as artists such as Trxtr, Dan Baldwin, Charming Baker and Shepard Fairey.

While distinctive and individual in their respective approaches, these artists are linked by a resolutely modern engagement with their urban world and a visible encounter with street and informal art manifestations.

The proprietors have concentrated largely on high quality limited edition works on paper in order to keep prices attractive to local art lovers, although their collection does include one-off original works.

The Woodstock precinct is a centre for urban mural art. This rich environment rhymes perfectly with the gallery’s collection which show a distinct affinity for recent urban art developments.

Culture urban+contemporary Gallery is situated at the beginning of the burgeoning new centre of peri-urban commerce, associated with the Woodstock and Salt River commercial renewal. The proprietors are Linda Ambor and Daniela Braude.


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