Jake and Dinos Chapman (UK)

Given that they are the contemporaries of fellow young British Artist’s Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, the controversy and fiercely divided opinion which have attended the careers of fraternal duo Jake (b. 1966) and Dinos (b. 1962) Chapman are not inconsiderable. The duo emerged in the 1990′s and gained instant notoriety with their sculptural installations of disturbingly mutated groups of children. With confrontational titles such as Fuck Face (1994), Two-faced Cunt (1995) and Fuckface Twin(1995), these works meditate on the nightmare scenarios arising out of current scientific and technological advances such as cloning, genetic modification and cellular mutation. With facial features replaced with genetalia and other bodily orifices and bodies morphed one onto the other in the manner of conjoined siblings, these works contain the added and horrific implications of sexual and physical abuse and the unbound results of medical “mad science”.

In a world jaded by media saturation and exposed relentlessly to images of calculated sensationalism, the Chapman’s have sought to produce artworks which continue to challenge their public’s ability to be shocked and outraged. In 2003 they famously purchased (at full auction price) two portfolios of etching’s by Goya. These they reworked with their own catalogue of monstrous heads. This served to antagonise the art establishment and also to transgress the inviolable position of the unique and valuable art-historical object. Following this, in 2004, they co-opted 13 water colours by Adolf Hitler, in so doing interrogating another boundary of public taste and tolerance.

Few artists in recent years have used their work so consistently and effectively to test the ability of art to pose questions about morality and to challenge the limits of acceptable taste.


Introspastic: From The Blackened Beyond

Year: 2011

Type: Hand-Coloured Etching with a Signed Book in Clothbound Solander Box with Gold Foil Blocking

Edition Size: 100


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